The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Governance beats avoidance for long-term family business harmony
In their efforts to prevent family disharmony many business owners actually exacerbate the problem by taking actions that remove family from the process.

The three areas of capital
When entrepreneurs embrace the concept of stewardship and actively walk the talk, the fear of letting go can be greatly minimized.

Ensure you have a choice
When it comes to preparing for your inevitable sale, the ultimate objective is to build a system that eventually sees the day-to-day decision-making pass from you to one or more persons within your business.

The SuccessCare® Program is a unique business transition planning process.   

Its purpose is to ensure business owners just like you have the appropriate resources to develop a plan that affords you more choice around how you transition the ownership and leadership of your business. 

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