The SuccessCare Program
The SuccessCare Program

Family business leadership: The importance of versatility
A family business leader who is truly versatile is able to be strategic and operational; forceful and enabling.

Who makes the decisions?
An ancient proverb decrees: if you wish to know what a man is, place him in authority.

I've got forty years in harness; how do I exit my family business?
More and more, smart family business leaders are keeping their options open when it comes to transitioning their companies into a new generation of leadership.

The latest statistics indicate that over 40% of family business leaders are expected to hand over the reins in the next five years. That amounts to a huge transfer of power and wealth. 

  • How many of your clients will be affected?
  • How many of your family business clients are prepared to transition to the next generation?
  • How many will be faced with an involuntary sale?
  • Are sound financial strategies in place?
  • Do they have obstacles they must first overcome?
  • Are you positioned to be the advisor of choice for the successors?

Changing demographics present you with a great opportunity to position yourself as the Most Trusted Advisor to your family business clients.    

SuccessCare's mission is to provide professional advisors like you with tools and processes that will help you successfully coach families in business through the exit strategy and transition planning processes. 

We have a wide range of products and services that will help expand your knowledge, increase your confidence, and develop the skills required to assist family businesses in creating choice around their future direction.

Hear from some advisors who have benefited from our support. 

Check out our full range of products and services: 

Professional Development and Tools 

SuccessCare® Advisor Support Program

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These products and services can be customized to fit into your own branded transition planning program.

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An ancient proverb reminds us that a sailor without direction knows no favourable wind.

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